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"Your techs are sharp, available and arrive with state-of-the-art devices that I don't see from your competitors."
~William Lewis, M.D. - Oakland ENT

"You have a great Team!"
~M.K, M.D. - Chief of Urology, Santa Clara, CA

HealthStar provides Web-based scheduling service for its customers. To schedule your case now click here. To read about SurgiScheduler LLC and how small surgical groups and Nurse, PA-C, ORT, CRNA Registries and Medical Device Companies use it click through to SurgiScheduler.

SGS Receives First Prize from Health Mangement Technology
Health Management Technology has awarded first prize in the "What Works" section to the SurgiScheduler SGS (Surgical Group Scheduler) software. SGS received more votes than any award winner in the history of the magazine.

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